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The Hero’s Journal, Entry Twenty-Six: I Am Jack’s Smirking Revenge

Age: 32
Alignment: victorious
Family: lost

I return to the guild by Cullis gate. Once I finish my dry heaving, I stagger to the map room to find the guildmaster and tell him that Jack of Blades has the key now, and we are all screwed.

Guildmaster: Maze's betrayal surprised us all, but we have larger problems.
Really? I mean, really?



The Hero’s Journal, Entry Twenty-Five: Mazes and Monsters

Age: 32
Alignment: homesick
Family: damselled

I’m a free man after three years in Bargate Prison. All I want to do is go home to my wife Myra. But there’s one more errand I need to run first. Jack of Blades is after the Sword of Aeons and to get it he needs some sort of key, which is in Hook Coast. The only way to get there in this apparently boatless world is by Cullis gate — specifically an ancient, disused one in Darkwood. Home is going to have to wait a little bit longer.

On the road south.
Footsore and fancying a shirt.


The Hero’s Journal, Entry Twenty-Four: Pressure and Time

Age: 32
Alignment: institutionalized
Family: scattered to the winds

Inmate #61354, they call me. Had it tattooed on my shoulder — so they can identify the body in case of any “mishap”, supposedly. But it’s really a means of control, just like shaving my head was. It’s part of a program to break down who I am and build something else in its place.

My head is cold. (enlarge)


The Hero’s Journal, Entry Twenty-Three: The Graveyard Path

Age: 29
Alignment: determined
Family: unjustly imprisoned

I’m in Lichfield Graveyard searching for a secret entrance to the most secure prison in Albion. I’m only aware that this entrance exists thanks to a tip-off from the Archaeologist, and even he didn’t know precisely where it was or how to open it. Having no extraordinarily clever ideas for how to go about this myself, I decide to talk to the gravedigger.

Well I’m stumped, let’s see how much it costs to buy a hint. (enlarge)