The Hero’s Journal, Entry Eighteen: Recidivism Blues

Age: 28
Alignment: guilty
Family: waiting at home

Fate stepped in to solve my problem for me. A letter from Maze came by post, asking me to come back to the guild. I’d been wondering how the old guy is doing these days. Myra says I should go see him. I tell her it will probably be a quest he wants. She knows that, and she knows I want to go. Go, says she.

So long, Oakvale. Back in a few weeks. (enlarge)


The Hero’s Journal, Entry Thirteen: The Long Road Home

Age: 21
Alignment: intrepid
Family: probably but not certainly dead

I know, I know. Two entries in one year, crazy. I’m keeping this journal for the day when I’m a famous hero and I’m ready to get rich selling my memoir. I’m going to title it “The Accidental Bandit”.

Anyway, so yesterday I was in the Bowerstone tavern and I ran into my favorite Hero colleague, Briar Rose.

I see they’re letting the… YOU’RE a… SHUT UP! (enlarge)