My name is Adam Lacoste. I’m a web developer, programmer, author and aspiring video game designer. I’m passionate about storytelling in all its forms and media, but I have a special fascination for interactive fiction. Video games demonstrate wonderful potential for telling immersive, emotionally involving stories, but don’t always seem willing or able to realize that potential.

Because I have an interest in developing games that tell interactive stories well, I find it useful when playing video games to pay attention to how they go about approaching their narrative, characters, mechanics, etc. and analyze their successes and failures. By dismantling and criticizing these games, I am hoping to hone my design sensibilities and learn from the mistakes of those who went before. While there are certainly many things I will only learn as a designer by making my own mistakes, I believe there is value in deep, deliberate dissection of the games I play for the purpose of building a toolbox for my own game development efforts.

This journal will collect my game analyses, in addition to other musings and meditations on the medium, business and culture of video games. Although I expect this content to be of interest mainly to me and me alone, I welcome discourse from any visitors who may happen upon it. I have only one perspective to analyze, after all, so additional viewpoints can only give me more to consider and learn from.

Thank you for reading Design Review. Now that introductions are out of the way, let’s talk about some games.


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